Enders Hotel

Anniversary Suite:
This beautiful suite boasts the oldest piece of furniture in our working museum, an 1840 Confederate general's writing desk stands as a silent witness to a past hero's thoughts.
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Enders Gift Shop

You'll love shopping in our Somewhere in Tyme Gift Shop, browsing through our collection of nostalgia and antiques, or movie memorabilia featuring pieces from Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, The Unsinkable Molly Brown etc.
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Geyser Park

Discovered on November 30, 1937. The extreme pressure is caused by carbon dioxide gas mixing with water in an underground chamber. It erupts every hour on the hour and reaches heights of 100 feet year round.
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Enders Hotel & Museum Experience

At the Enders Building time has stood still. However, this centerpiece of Soda Springs, Idaho has seen the world around it change. Stepping through the doors will take you back in time where you'll experience frontier America as it was in 1917. More than just an award winning hotel, this historic building stands as proud reminder of America as it once was.

Winner of the 2002 Orchid Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation awarded by the Idaho Historic Preservation Council, the exactness and detail of this million-dollar restoration will make you glad that in this world of change some things stay the same.